e@UBC Impact Fund

entrepreneurship@UBC ("e@UBC") is a multi-faceted and campus-wide initiative designed to encourage and support the next generation of UBC entrepreneurs. A key pillar of this initiative is a new pool of investment capital available only to new UBC start-ups. This is the entrepreneurship@UBC Seed Fund.

In order to maximize the tax credit to supporters of the seed fund, UBC has established a new company that qualifies as a Venture Capital Corporation (VCC). By investing in the VCC and donating those shares to UBC, you have the opportunity to generate $73,700 worth of tax credits for every $100,000 invested in the Seed Fund. With this ‘refund’ factored in, the net cost of the donation drops to only $26,300 (the $100,000 gift minus the $73,700 tax credits).

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