Project Overview - Canadian Landscape for Impact Investing

Impact investing has emerged over the past decade to play an important role in tackling today’s most complex social and environmental issues.

We have seen non-profits and governments that make up the public and social sectors working collaboratively with private sector organizations to deploy the necessary innovative solutions.

Some of these solutions are designed by social ventures, defined as companies with the dual goals of achieving positive social/ environmental impact and financial profitability. For example, d.light, founded by two university students, has designed a safe and low-cost lighting product for residents of off-grid communities, resulting in positive outcomes in education and health.

Investors of various backgrounds – from foundations’ endowment managers to Silicon Valley venture capitalists – have been actively supporting these social ventures through grants, loans or other innovative financing mechanisms. Evidence shows that these investments have matched or, in many cases, exceeded market-rate returns.

To advance this sector, we are conducting an in-depth research study on the landscape of impact investing in social ventures.

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