IIF Insights: Urban Development & Sustainability

Urban sustainability is based on the idea that different aspects of the community offer positive interactions that result in a coexistence between social well-being, economic development, and environmental quality. With 51% of the global population living on only 2% of the planet, designing and managing the world’s urban environments that allow for sustainable growth is becoming an urgent matter.

According to the Global Cities Index, Manila holds the second spot for “most likely to be the city of the future”. This report assesses and compares Manila’s urban sustainability to other cities in the region in light of this distinction. First, the environmental aspects of urban sustainability will be discussed. Second, a comparison of the urban transportation systems in three cities will address the current problem of these cities’ flow. Third, the issue of disaster resilience and mitigation will look into the effects of climate change as it will alter how cities should be built in the future. Lastly, a few cases of eco-cities and eco-communities will provide an illustration of how urban sustainability is currently being put into practice.

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