Frontier Capital

Reading List: Impact Investing 101
Recommended By: Bruno Lam, SauderS3i

"I consider Omidyar Network's "Frontier Capital" to be one of the best reports on venture capital in impact investing. Different types of start-ups need different types of capital - a early-stage venture debuting a highly innovative healthcare device in an emerging market will require "friendlier", more risk-tolerant capital than, say, a medium-sized venture running restaurants in under-served communities. This report breaks it all down."

Reading List: Impact Investing in Emerging Markets
Recommended By: Jana Svedova, UBC Impact Fund

"At the convergence of impact investing and venture capital, Frontier Capital focuses on low to lower-middle income people in emerging markets. This report underlines the immense potential of new business models to serve these populations, generating both outsized impact and strong financial returns. It also underscores the need to segment the lower-middle-income opportunity by matching the right investors with the right investment opportunities."

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